Fairway wood distance

fairway wood distance

Casey Bourque offers assistance on typical setup and stance concepts for hitting fairway woods. He expresses. This distance chart shows the range of typical yardages among golfers of varying abilities and for men and women. play (hard fairway or soft fairway? windy or calm? humid or dry? etc.) 3- wood. Your 3 Wood is More than a Fairway Wood What this demonstrated was that two-thirds of the distance a ball flies is caused by its backspin.


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I also strike the ball very well which may be the difference. Click "Report comment" to alert GolfWRX moderators to offensive or inappropriate comments. Its light weight allows manufacturers to push the centre of gravity far back in the head usually by means of a heavy weight plug - often tungsten which helps get the ball airborne early — and thin titanium faces provide maximum distance. My distances appear to match up quite closely with the mph, just slightly less, with my 7 iron going , 8 , 9 , etc, but I think my irons are a bit strong. Hit Par Fives In Two If you want to go for glory, there are some holes which are just too long to reach with a drive and a long iron so you will require a fairway wood. There is a greater gap, percentage-wise, between the longer and shorter women than there is between the longer and shorter men because better women players tend to be significantly longer than weaker women players. Composite There are a few composite fairway woods creeping onto the market.

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Many hybrid and utility clubs have appeared in the game with shorter shafts with the benefit being that these clubs will feel more like an iron and offer more control. A club to replace your 3 iron? I spent some time with your exercises. Sell Your Golf Clubs. I also strike the ball very well which may be the difference. My father has a swing speed of 70 mph but he hits a club further than me. Many of my golfing buddies feel that loss of distance is a natural result of aging. They were smooth, like Ping-Pong balls. If your swing speed is 80 MPH, you would most likely get more yardage with more loft. Lofts vary considerably between manufacturers. It definitely compliments launch monitor technology and its outputs. OK, we'll give you a distance chart, but consider everything you've read to this point to be caveats on this subject. fairway wood distance


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